ULINK DA License for Windows Paid

ULINK DA License for Windows (Paid)


for DA Drive Analyzer

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Get Comprehensive Drive Health Monitoring for Windows PC

Included Features:


  • A Windows PC with one or more storage drives.
  • A ULINK account. If you do not have a ULINK account, you may set one up during the activation process of this license.
  • An Internet connection.
  • An installed copy of DA Desktop Suite -get it here .


  1.  Drive health data is uploaded to provide you with health information about your storage drives, and for product improvement purposes including the improvement of ULINK’s processes and algorithms and artificial intelligence.
  2. Drives connected via USB are not currently supported.
  3. DA Desktop Suite is a downloadable PC application for uploading drive health data and viewing drive health information.
  4. DA Portal, a web-based dashboard, is DA Drive Analyzer’s most detailed user interface.
  5. Normal drive-operating summaries include drive statistics such as temperature, IOPS, drive capacity, etc. that users may use for tracking drive performance while the drive is healthy.
  6. AI-based drive health predictions leverage complex patterns in drive health data to let you know when a drive might soon experience poor drive health.
  7. Threshold-based Alerts are triggered by drive health indicators crossing static thresholds and may give clues as to why a drive is currently experiencing poor health.
  8. Faulty Drives (with NAS-Detected Errors) have been labeled by their host NAS as having poor health. The labeling mechanism is based on thresholds that the NAS maker has set for select drive health indicators. For information on how to handle Fault Alerts, please contact the NAS maker.