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  • DA Desktop Suite currently has a feature called DA Monitor.
  • DA Monitor works in the background to continuously monitor the health of multiple drives across multiple devices and accounts -convenient for IT support and maintenance.
  • DA Monitor Alerts you about potential drive problems through desktop notifications.
  • DA Monitor lets you check how many new Alerts and Alert subtypes (AI Alerts, Fault Alerts, and Threshold-Based Alerts) you have among your licensed drives.
  • DA Monitor links to DA Portal where you can access drive information in greater detail.

DA Monitor of DA
Desktop Suite

DA Monitor of DA Desktop Suite (DA Monitor) is a Windows PC application that lets users access the services of ULINK Drive Analyzer, an AI-based drive failure prediction and drive health monitoring service, quickly for up to several users.

To download its installation file, please provide us with your email address, and we will send you the download link by email.

DA Monitor for Windows


DA Desktop Suite User Guide Download

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