DA Drive Analyzer 2.0 has a slew of exciting new updates for QNAP users:

Transmitting Data via Proxy

Enterprise users usually set up proxy servers to handle internet traffic to prevent client devices from being exposed to the internet. The latest version of DA Drive Analyzer will allow NAS users, such as enterprises, to use DA Drive Analyzer service through a standard proxy server. By doing so, all NAS devices will upload drive health data to, and receive service data from the designated proxy server, which will then communicate with DA Drive Analyzer’s servers. The proxy server provides a single point for all data leaving and going to the NAS devices and can act as an extra layer of security for security-conscious enterprises. Please note that this feature is dependent on QTS 5.1.3 or QuTS hero 5.1.3 NAS operating systems.

To utilize this service, install the DA Drive Analyzer Application for QTS. When the application prompts you to log in, a link to the proxy settings will be given. Simply click on the link and follow the proxy server setup wizard.

Alternatively, install the DA Drive Analyzer Application for QTS, log in to the DA Drive Analyzer Application, click on the 3-dot dropdown menu, and click on Proxy Settings to reach the setup wizard.

New Bulk Pricing

DA Drive Analyzer is about to get even more affordable for QNAP users. With our new bulk pricing scheme, protecting 3-4 drives will now cost $4.75/yr per drive, protecting 5-7 drives will cost $4.50/yr per drive, and protecting 8+ drives will only cost $4.35/yr per drive. Those looking to protect just two drives can still do so for $5.00/yr as before. With this new pricing scheme, bulk drive users and enterprises can enjoy DA Drive Analyzer’s added data protection at a lower price. And of course, all QNAP NAS users can still protect 1 drive per NAS for free, allowing them to try the service at no cost.

NVMe & SAS Support

The features that were available for SATA drives, such as AI-based drive failure predictions and threshold-based alerts, are now available for NVMe and SCSI drives. With the additional support of NVMe and SCSI drives, DA Drive Analyzer now works with over 99% of drives on the consumer market. This means that the number of drive models that can be protected by DA Drive Analyzer has greatly expanded, especially among SSDs, which are the preferred storage solution for enterprises that demand fast response times.

Next-Day Drive Health Predictions

DA Drive Analyzer previously required 14 days of drive health data collection before a drive health prediction could be generated. Our current AI model can generate drive failure predictions the day after drive health metrics are uploaded. This greatly shortens the waiting time before users can start monitoring their drive health. Furthermore, our latest model is not only limited to considering one day of drive health data, but rather can consider anywhere from one to fifty days of drive health data, so it can observe changes in drive health over time. With this update, IT personnel will be able to see results quickly.

Automatic Replacement of At-Risk RAID Disks with Spares Before Potential Failure

If potential drive errors are detected, the system will automatically move data from the affected disk in a RAID group to a spare disk, before the data on the affected disk is completely corrupted. It prevents the time needed and potential risks of RAID rebuilding, thus greatly improving system reliability.

Seagate Dual Actuator Drive Support

DA Drive Analyzer now supports Seagate hard drives that feature an innovative technology dubbed “MACH.2.” This essentially means that each drive is equipped with two arms instead of the traditional one arm. While traditional hard drives have a single arm that moves all read and write heads together, Seagate’s MACH.2 drives will have two arms that move two sets of heads independently for faster IO speeds without sacrificing the capacity offered by HDDs. DA Drive Analyzer will allow you to monitor the health of these innovative drives.

Custom Drive Health Data Upload Times

Last, but not least, we understand that you may want to shut off your NAS at certain times of the day. That is why you can now customize the drive health data upload time for your NAS. This way, you can protect your data, while conserving energy and cutting down on your carbon footprint. Please note that this feature is dependent on QTS 5.1.3 or QuTS hero 5.1.3 NAS operating systems.

For more information about ULINK DA Drive Analyzer, visit our website at https://ulink-da.com/.


QNAP Launches the AI-Powered DA Drive Analyzer 2.0 – Predicts NAS Drive Failure Within 24 Hours & Enhances Enterprise Privacy

Photo: QNAP