Today, uses for AI are rapidly expanding to almost every field – self-driving cars, Alexa, Siri, chatbots, recommendations for shopping, search, and streaming. AI has proved beneficial in boosting productivity and optimization of resources with a higher accuracy in prediction of events.

A strong use case for the use of AI is in analyzing drive health. An exploding rise in data and use of computing resources has resulted in high workloads for the IT team in enterprises or in data centers. Ensuring drive health is a humongous task that involves monitoring hundreds of parameters and taking action at the right time. The use of AI can help simplify this task by monitoring several drive health parameters and summarizing the health of several storage drives in a single place. It makes it easy to manage data centers and data storage servers like Network-attached storage (NAS) devices. AI-powered diagnostics can be more successful in predicting drive failure and ensuring service continuity.

The ULINK DA Drive Analyzer is powered by a cloud AI engine that leverages the historical usage data of millions of drives to intelligently predict if one of your drives is near failure. DA Drive Analyzer’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to monitor the life prediction score and drive health status including S.M.A.R.T. attributes, temperature, and test IOPS.

The dashboard of the ULINK DA Drive Analyzer portal can be used to monitor the health of multiple NAS systems and user accounts. The portal allows you to study and analyze the pattern of the parameters in great detail. It will alert you to the drives that are at severe risk of failure and moderate risk of failure. Severe disk drives have a maximum of 30 days’ life while moderate risk drives have a life of 6 months after the first alert. About 40% of severe risk drives and 33% of moderate risk drives fail within 30 days. If you see these alerts, it may be good to take precautions to prevent data loss, such as backing up data or considering drive replacement.

In this data critical world, you wouldn’t want to lose any data or see any surprise computer crashes. AI-powered ULINK DA Drive Analyzer can help streamline and automate the storage drive health monitoring process and help avoid such surprises!


QNAP and ULINK Release DA Drive Analyzer, AI-powered Drive Failure Prediction Tool for NAS

Photo by benjamin lehman on Unsplash