EnterX is a business analytics company that uses an enterprise storage server on its premises. It relies on dedicated servers to efficiently gather and transmit data within its network infrastructure. To ensure the smooth operation of a business network, it is essential to have a sufficient number of computer storage devices in place. Given the pivotal role that servers play in the majority of business activities, regular maintenance is imperative to proactively prevent any unexpected disruptions.

According to IDC, the amount of data being stored (utilized storage) in the Global StorageSphere is expected to grow at 20.4% CAGR to 8.9ZB by 2024 with about 54% stored on hard disk drives (HDD).

More and more businesses rely on their servers for their day-to-day operations. There is therefore a need to predict and identify potential drive failures. With such high stakes in place and considering the amount of data that needs to be monitored to ensure the smooth running of a server, using machine learning algorithms is a compelling solution to ensure the health of storage drives.

ULINK DA Drive Analyzer, which has been available in the consumer market since late 2021, is a comprehensive drive health monitoring and failure prediction service. It collects and monitors the health parameters of drives on a daily basis. It is powered by a cloud AI engine that uses this data to predict intelligently when your drive is near failure. When a pre-failure pattern is detected by the AI algorithm, it is flagged as an unhealthy or at-risk drive. Organizations can then plan to replace them at the least disruptive time.

In the business world where time is money, downtimes are a complete no-no. Using AI-based drive health monitoring services like ULINK DA Drive Analyzer can help you diagnose impending drive failures so that you can run your business efficiently.


QNAP and ULINK Release DA Drive Analyzer, AI-powered Drive Failure Prediction Tool for NAS

Photo Credit: Kwarkot