Since 2021, DA Drive Analyzer has been providing drive health monitoring and failure prediction services to numerous NAS users. ULINK Technology is now planning to introduce a version of its software for Windows PCs, empowering a new set of users with the ability to closely monitor their drive health and protect their data.

Called DA SmartQuest, the application can be used to generate and display failure predictions for drives on your personal computer. All you have to do is install DA SmartQuest on your PC, create a ULINK user account, purchase, and activate a license, and DA Drive Analyzer’s SmartQuest service will do the rest.

DA SmartQuest will first upload the user’s drive health data to its servers. Then, with the help of a cloud-based AI and multiple threshold-based algorithms, it will analyze the health of the drives on your PC and tell you if your drives are healthy or not. Alerts will be generated if drive issues are detected. The drive health data is also summarized into useful visualizations that users can access online.

DA SmartQuest allows you to take pre-emptive action before drives fail, to either back up your data or replace your drive, so that you don’t lose data, and so that you don’t lose valuable work due to lost data. This latest update aims to set new standards for drive health data analysis and decision support, empowering organizations to unlock the full potential of their PC drive health data and gain insight into the state of their drives.

DA SmartQuest represents a major milestone in ULINK Technology’s dedication to providing comprehensive and user-friendly solutions. This software transforms DA Drive Analyzer into a versatile drive health monitoring tool. As a result, more businesses and users can leverage AI for data-driven insights and drive health and maintenance.


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Photo Credit: Chalirmpoj Pimpisarn