Let’s say DataCentreX is a data center that replaces its drives every year as part of its preventive drive maintenance approach. This seems like a pretty good way to ensure that they never experience drive failures, right? Actually, drives can fail before they have been used for even a single year. Our data shows that around 21% of drives fail before they reach one year of use. In fact, drives can fail at various points in their potential lifespan.

However, if DataCentreX had been using DA Drive Analyzer, they would have been able to catch an estimated 23% of the failures that were missed by the annual replacement of drives. And if DataCentreX replaced their drives once every 5 years, DA Drive Analyzer would have allowed them to catch about 41% of the failures that would have been missed by scheduled replacements.

The more drive failures that DataCentreX is able to anticipate, the better they can prepare to meet their SLAs and remain a competitive cloud storage provider. And DA Drive Analyzer is one way for them to anticipate more drive failures, even if they already had a scheduled replacement policy in place.

ULINK DA Drive Analyzer collects and monitors the health parameters of drives on a daily basis. It is powered by a cloud AI engine that uses this data to predict intelligently when your drive is near failure. When a pre-failure pattern is detected by the AI algorithm, it is flagged as an unhealthy or at-risk drive. With this information, data centers can not only identify failing drives but plan to replace them at the least disruptive time.

DA Drive Analyzer’s tools can also help you to automate the drive health monitoring process. Its online dashboard and desktop application can summarize the health information of your entire fleet at a glance.

Drive failures can happen at any time, and a periodic replacement approach might miss out on some drive failures. DA Drive Analyzer provides you with the tools you need to diagnose impending drive failures so you can run your service at a higher standard by increasing continuity of service and decreasing loss of data and time.

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QNAP and ULINK Release DA Drive Analyzer, AI-powered Drive Failure Prediction Tool for NAS

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