Let’s say Robert Anderson is the CTO at a data center called DatHumR that uses hundreds of drives. Recently, some drives crashed that resulted in outages and disruptions to services. It became a sore point for clients already pressurized by a slow economy. Robert wants to streamline its data center operations with an overarching view of the health trends of all the drives used in its data center.

ULINK DA Portal is the perfect solution. It is a web-based dashboard that uses ULINK DA Drive Analyzer for a single-window display of the health trends of the drives being used. With this solution, Robert can streamline and automate drive maintenance operations.

ULINK DA Drive Analyzer collects and monitors the health parameters of drives every day. Powered by a cloud AI engine, it uses this data to predict intelligently when your drive is near failure. When a pre-failure pattern is detected by the AI algorithm, it is flagged as an at-risk, or near-failure drive.

Email notifications can be set for detection of faulty drives, severe or moderate risk of failure predictions, threshold-based alerts, and weekly summary reports of drive health. Relevant personnel can log in and explore the drive health problems and make informed decisions on the course of action. Processes can be set for different scenarios so that no time is lost in taking the correct action.

ULINK DA Drive Analyzer and DA Portal provide all the necessary tools to automate the drive health monitoring process as much as possible with minimal human supervision and intervention. For a data center like DataHumR, streamlining and automating the maintenance of the drives can go a long way in ensuring continuity of service and reducing loss of data and time.

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QNAP and ULINK Release DA Drive Analyzer, AI-powered Drive Failure Prediction Tool for NAS 

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