For over three years, ULINK DA Drive Analyzer has been providing drive health monitoring and failure prediction solutions to NAS users. Now, ULINK Technology is set to launch DA SmartQuest, a Windows PC variant, that will enable PC users to monitor the health of their drives.

What Does DA SmartQuest Do?

DA SmartQuest enables you to take proactive measures before drives fail, allowing you to back up your data or replace your drive, preventing data loss and protecting valuable work. It strives to establish new benchmarks for drive health data analysis and decision support, empowering organizations to fully harness the potential of their PC drive health data and gain valuable insights into the state of their drives.

Normally, DA SmartQuest starts by uploading the user’s drive health data to its servers. Utilizing a cloud-based AI and multiple threshold-based algorithms, it then analyzes the health of the drives on your PC, indicating whether your drives are healthy or not. If any issues are detected, alerts are generated. The drive health data is summarized into useful visualizations that users can access online.

A Tiny AI for Your PC

Additionally, DA SmartQuest gives users the option to generate AI-based drive failure predictions locally using a copy of DA Drive Analyzer’s AI that runs entirely on the user’s PC. All the user has to do to enable this feature is to install DA SmartQuest in “standalone mode” instead of “cloud mode.” Doing so will keep all drive health data on the PC.

While many of DA Drive Analyzer’s features will not be available in “standalone mode,” it will allow users who lack an internet connection and users with strict data security requirements to receive DA Drive Analyzer’s AI-based drive failure predictions.

DA SmartQuest makes easy work of failure predictions for drives on your personal computer. All you have to do is install DA SmartQuest on your PC, create a ULINK user account, purchase, and activate a license, and DA Drive Analyzer’s SmartQuest will take care of the rest.


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Photo Credit: metamorworks