Computer storage drives contain some of our most sensitive information. From financial documents to those pictures you took of your cats dressed up like a bride and groom, there is some information you would rather not share with anyone. And with data being uploaded to the cloud and scanned by AI algorithms practically automatically these days, people have more of a right than ever to question the privacy of their data.

DA Drive Analyzer does not collect “user data” – data that is generated and written by the user such as documents, pictures, and videos. So, if there is any sensitive content saved on your drives you can rest assured that we will never see them.

To be transparent, what we do see are drive health data such as the speed of your drives and errors being generated by your drives, machine metadata such as drive serial numbers and system serial numbers, and user information that is collected during licensing and user registration such as emails and usernames. This data is primarily used to deliver our service to customers and for product improvement.

In this age of cloud and AI, the maker of DA Drive Analyzer, ULINK Technology, takes your privacy seriously. We do not know what user data you put on your hard drives and we don’t want to.


QNAP and ULINK Release DA Drive Analyzer, AI-powered Drive Failure Prediction Tool for NAS